Music and in particular singing has been a part of my life and is how I've defined myself for as long as I can remember, and although there have been many twists and turns on the journey leading up to the recording of this album, some of which have taken me away from performing in mainstream musical theatre, I have always found a way to keep singing, and over time have realized that no matter how challenging life can become, I never feel as alive as when I'm performing a song.
I decided to record the album as a way of re-establishing my presence on the musical theatre scene, but at the same time wanted to do something new and most importantly something that had integrity.
I have always been attracted to the melody in a song first and foremost and in this regard I feel that Charles Miller is up there with the best. As a lyrical singer I find his songs a joy to sing. Charles writes such beautiful melodies that one can't help feeling that they have been around for ever and seem almost classics in their own right. They also have a contemporary feel and this combined with the musical theatre element makes them a gift to perform.
In MaKiNG Records, I also found a group of people who are interested in recording new and exciting material and their professionalism and technical expertise has been absolutely second to none. I could not have done this without them.
I hope you enjoy this album as much as I have enjoyed recording it and hope that it introduces Charles Miller's music to a wider audience.

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Clear Blue Sky

1. Take The Leap
2. Can You Imagine
3. No One Can Stop Me Now
4. What Do I Do Now
   (feat. Helena Blackman)
5. She's The One
6. If They Only Knew
7. Return Of The Light

 8.  Thief In The Night
 9.  Now I Know What Love Is
10. How It Used To Be
11. In A Place Called Home
12. Feels Like Home
13. Just The Beginning
14. Stud
With songs by Charles Miller
Lyrics by Kevin Hammons, Adam Bard, Tim Sanders & Paul Carpenter
Featuring the duet "What Do I Do Now" with Helena Blackman
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